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Support Olly Murs, photos of Olly and the truth from Olly’s Mum!

Olly Murs thumbs up for X Factor copyright Sandra M Dean

Olly Murs thumbs up for X Factor copyright Sandra M Dean

Support Olly Murs, photos of Olly and the truth from Olly’s Mum!

Olly’s Mum, Vickylyn, has cleared up a few things for me (and you – his fans!) plus I have lots more photos of Olly for you to enjoy below….. I also took a couple of photos yesterday in Witham, Essex (Olly’s home town) of posters supporting him in X Factor ……

I very much have to thank and admire Olly’s Mum, who puts a lot of effort into supporting her family and who updates me with photos and news. Her latest email to me show’s you what a lovely and genuine family they are:

Hi Sandra

Thank-you for all your support.

I have managed to find a few photo’s for you….hope you like them?

Click on the photos below and hit your back button to come back to this page…. 

Thought I would send you the “Olly Heads” behind them is my brother Jon, Me, plus Dave (Jon’s brother-in-law) It was used on Olly’s Face book but they didn’t know who was behind them!!!! …. 

Olly is overwhelmed with the support from everyone and hope’s that you all enjoy his performances each week as much as he loves doing it. It’s all he has ever wanted to do and to do this each week to millions of viewers….is beyond his wildest dreams!

We are so proud of him. We have always enjoyed his performances at home and think it’s brilliant that now everyone in the country can enjoy him as much as we do.

Olly and Stacey are just good friends and there is no romance!! Olly does not have any time at the moment to have a girlfriend…he is too busy!

Olly’s hand that he brok was an Old Injury from when he was a teenager. Hitting the punch bag was obviously not a good thing to do. They wanted to operate on the hand immediately but Olly choose to leave it until the show is over.

Pete and I went to Mama Dells for the Olly Breakfast a few Saturdays ago. The owner was very embarrassed about the “Sausage Article” that was printed and said she had not mentioned anything about the Sausage at all and hoped that we had not taken any offence to it. We told her that we had laughed about it as we know the papers tend to over exaggerate things and no offence was taken by it……by the way the sausage is an ordinary Cumberland and the breakfast was absolutely enjoyable. The support from all the ladies in the shop is fantastic. They all wear Olly T.shirts and have posters all over their restaurant. We went in so we could tell Olly all about it and he kindly sent them an Autographed Photo “With Thanks” which I think will be put up in the restaurant.

Last week Olly came into Witham he popped into his Local Pub the George and also made a visit to Mama Dells to see the “Vote with your Mouth” Olly breakfast….Not sure if he had time to taste it!! 

He then made a flying visit to home. It was lovely to see him (all to ourselves) although we did have 3 ‘production team’ with him but I was grateful for small Mercy’s as we normally have to share him with everyone else on Saturdays and Sundays. He was his usual self, walked in gave me some washing and went straight to the fridge for some nibbles, he said he missed doing this but he is now living his dream and does not want it to end. Before we knew it he was swept off and back to London but not before saying ‘Hello’ to some of the neighbours who so respectively stayed round the corner politely waiting to wave goodbye. They all asked for Autographs and one rang a friend so he could sing to her on the phone! Then he quickly ran back round said his goodbyes and off he went. 

Hopefully we won’t have to go through another sing-off this week end. On Sunday evening he had a meeting with Simon…so let’s hope he sorts it out for this week!!

Well Sandra I think that’s a bit of an update for you.

Thanks for all your support Sandra

bye for now, Vickylynn x

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VOTE OLLY MURS!!!!! I think we love these photos don’t we? And please give your support by comments on this page below……OLLY TO WIN!!!!!! X

I also took some photos in Olly’s home town of Witham yesterday, including some support posters in the George Pub window and another shop window – I will add these shortly…

Enjoy from Sandra 🙂

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