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Olly Murs info and updates and through to final 5!

Olly Murs updates and through to final 5!

Well, we were all shocked this week to see Olly Murs in the bottom two of X Factor! Unbelieveable!  Read below for all the new news about Olly (and his pants!), his sister, Fay, him Mum, Vicky and his last 3 performances….

7th November 2009 (Movie week) saw him singing ‘Twist and Shout’ and his performance was great – the singing, dancing and choreography were fabulous!

See his performance of ‘Twist and Shout’ on U tube by CLICKING HERE

14th November 2009 (Queen week) Olly rocked this week. His song choice was ‘Don’t stop me now’.

See his performance of ‘Don’t stop me now’ on U tube by CLICKING HERE

And this week (21st November 2009) was George Michael week. Olly sang ‘Fast Love’ – It was not his best week and this saw him go straight into the bottom two with John and Edward. However, this gave him an opportunity to sing another song and what a good choice he made. His sing off choice was ‘Wonderful tonight’ by Eric Clapton and he sang it with his heart. I was so pleased for him, as he showed us a different side to his singing and I think it will give him a head start for next week – fingers crossed!

See his performance of ‘Fast Love’ on U tube by CLICKING HERE

See the sing off between Olly Murs and Jedward on U tube by CLICKING HERE

More info on Olly …… Well, love is in the air possibly for Olly as we see news in the media about his affection for Stacey – watch this space!

Olly’s Mum, Vickylynn, has recently featured in ‘Woman’s Own’ telling of their sticky family situation. Olly has a twin brother, Ben, who is going to get married on Saturday 5th December. This is great, but the sad part is that, if Olly is still in the competition (which we know he will be ? ) he will not be able to attend his brother’s wedding. Vicky, of course, would also love to be at the final’s show of the X Factor, but just cannot be in two places at the same time. Well, best wishes to Ben and his wife to be – I hope they have a wonderful day, and go Olly for X Factor – you must win!

In a recent interview with Olly’s sister, Fay Murs (27), she revealed a few things about her brother, Olly and his twin, Ben (both 25):

• Olly was very sweet when he was younger, and still is – thoughtful and cheerful. He once cheered her up when she was upset over a split with a boyfriend, by coming into her room with a pair of pants and socks pulled up over his knees offering her a hug! Him and his brother, Ben, were also very protective of Fay and would scare her boyfriends off if they didn’t think he was good enough for her.

• Apparently Olly does wander around at home with just pants on – even on the drive! He likes really colourful and patterned ones too!

• Olly has a breakfast named after him at his local café ‘Mama Dell’s’ – included is an extra large sausage – but Fay didn’t know anything about that! His friends have suggested that he is well endowed.

• Olly has been pretty shy in the past and has not had a serious girlfriend for 3 years as he hasn’t found the right person!

• Olly prefers funny girls with nice hair and Fay says that he would make a great Dad and that he wants to get married and have a family at some point.

• Fay does go to the live shows, as does their Nan, Eileen, who has been kissed by Simon Cowell!

• Olly’s Mum, Vicky, looks after Olly, even to the point of hovering his room and doing his washing, but he also takes her to the bingo and watches ‘Ugly Betty’ with her, so they have a good relationship.

• Fay says that she might ask Olly for a pair of Jimmy Choo’s if Olly wins X Factor, for all the nice things she has said about him, but Olly is still not convinced he will win, just taking each week at a time and enjoying himself

See Olly on ‘Deal or no deal’ where he lost a potential £22,000! by CLICKING HERE

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What a shame I wasnt in Witham (up the road from me) when he came back from the X Factor house for a visit – his local pub looked friendly and his mates missed him loads.

The only thing I am disappointed with is Simon Cowell – he seems to be praising others more than Olly as I think he knows that Olly is ‘safe’ for the finals this year, but this week with Olly in the bottom two, it just shows no-one is safe, so Simon needs to back him more and we all need to vote for Olly!

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