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Facts about Olly Murs – Questions and Answers




Olly Murs in favourite Monkey car hat copyright Sandra M Dean

Olly Murs in favourite Monkey car hat copyright Sandra M Dean

22 more facts about Olly Murs – Questions and Answers


1. What is Olly Murs middle name?

Stanley (So, he is Oliver Stanley Murs)

2. Who is Olly’s role model as a singer?

Michael Jackson

3. What was Olly Murs’ duo called?

Small Town Blaggers (the other half of the duo was his friend John)

4. Where does Olly Murs live?

Olly comes from Witham (a small Town in mid Essex)

5. When is Olly Murs’ birthday?

May 1984 (He is a Taurus)

6. How can I contact Olly Murs on Facebook?

7. If Olly Murs could do a cover of a song and release it, which one would he do?

Akon – ‘Beautiful’ – as a ballad. It was a massive song and amazing with great lyrics.

8. Olly Murs’ favourite song?

Michael Jackson – ‘Billie Jean’

9. If stuck on a desert Island what would you bring?

Duvet and pillow, Ipod, guitar

10. Best experience of X Factor so far for Olly Murs?

When he was first told in LA that he was through!

11. Does Olly love Stacey?

Yes he does, but not in the romantic sense – they are best friends in the X Factor house and as they are both from Essex, they get on really well

12. Does Olly like tight trousers?

Yes, tight like a tiger he said

13. What brands does Olly wear?

Farrah, Fred Perry

14. What is the most memorable thing a fan has done for Olly Murs?

Wrapped them self in Christmas paper and posted them self to the X Factor house (it got in the papers)

15. Does Olly wear beads?

Yes, he has two that he got in Australia in 2008 (he went traveling and ‘found his confidence’ which is what I did when I was 20!) and the other one was given to him from a lady he was previously ‘seeing’ and he has worn them for good luck since the first audition – guess it works then! Olly to win!

16. Olly’ ideal present for Christmas?

A laptop – he has never had one and really wants one

17. Olly Murs’ Celebrity crush?

Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole

18. Longest he has been without a shave?

One or two weeks, but as it is a bit ginger, he doesn’t leave it long…..

19. Where does Olly Murs get his funky hats?

His Nan – she hand knits them

20. If Olly could do a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Chris Moyles

21. What school did Olly Murs go to?

Notley High School, where he was a star centre forward in the School’s football team

22. What football team does Olly Murs support?

Manchester United

Are there any questions you would like to ask? Let me know in the comments box below and I will see if I can get them answered for you……

Sandra 🙂

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