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Essex boy Olly Murs on X Factor – wow!

Olly Murs from x factor 2009 and sister Fay (copyright)

Olly Murs from x factor 2009 and sister Fay (copyright)

Exclusive photos!  Essex boy Olly Murs on X Factor – wow!   Well, another pleasant surprise for me yesterday when Olly Murs from Witham, Essex auditioned on the X Factor – he was great!  The funky number ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder went down a treat with the crowds and the judges, as his unique dancing fitted the song brilliantly.  He seems a very confident, but genuine lad, so that was nice to see, and at just 25, he is very talented.  I have found out some information on Olly – please see the bottom of this post for the details!


He likes going out with his mates, says he is a ‘normal geezer’ and football.  He works in an office as an advisor for saving money on energy bills.  He loves singing and sings at family parties and in front of the mirror, so this was a big step in the right direction in his dream to be a ‘pop star’.

He can dance, he is good looking, has a great body and can sing too – what a package!

When he finished his song and dance, the comments from the judges blew Olly away, and he said he ‘couldnt believe it’

‘You’ve got some soul in your voice and are a natural born entertainer’ said Cheryl Cole

‘Olly I’ve got to tell you  I really, really like you’ and you know what you are very very very cool’ commented Simon Cowell, who was blown away

‘you have the whole package – you’re a super superstar!’ said Danni Minogue

‘hey you’re a natural perfomer’ said Louie Walsh.

When the voting came, Simon said that it was the easiest yes he has ever given…. Chery said no question yes….. Danni said ‘for everyone in the room, 2 thousand yes’s’

See Olly Murs full audition as he sang ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder on u tube by CLICKING HERE

Olly Murs sings at Dads 50th Birthday Party (copyright)

Olly Murs sings at Dads 50th Birthday Party (copyright)

This photo shows Olly with his friend, John, performing at his Dad’s 50th Birthday, where he sang all his Dad’s favourite songs all night!  How cool is that?  I bet you wish you were there.  I thank Olly’s Mum, VickyLynn, for donating this photo for my website.

So, now we have Essex girl, Stacey Solomon and Essex boy Olly Murs – I cannot wait to see how they do.  Good luck to them both and I hope they have the talent and luck that Diversity had in making it to the top!

See the update on X Factor for Olly Murs by CLICKING HERE

Some back ground about Olly Murs

In December 2007, Footballer Olly Murs, (at the time playing centre forward for Witham Town FC), had terrible luck after having his turn on Channel Four’s Deal or No Deal, when he won only £10!

23 years old at the time, Olly filmed 29 episodes of the popular entertainment show and after a month on television he finally got his chance in the hot seat.

At one stage he turned down an offer of £22,000 from a banker and at the end he gambled with £1,000, which he already had, and left with just a £10 note.

However, happy-go-lucky forward Olly Murs was not completely discontent with his miserable winnings!

Noel Edmonds called it “the most appalling run of luck in the history of the game”, but Olly felt that his TV ‘performance’ may get him some luck in showbusiness!

Mr Murs was working as a recruitment consultant at Witham’s Prime Appointments at the time, but had quite a few weeks off for the filming of the show in Bristol during the summer of 2007.

So, that is where he got his confidence from!!!!! He actually moon walked down ‘the walk of wealth’, flirted with female contestants and Noel Edmunds said that he liked Olly’s personality. “I feel more gutted now than I did then, especially when I hear Noel say at the end that he’d miss me” is what Olly had said at the time.

“It really took me aback to hear someone as famous as him say that to me. I was there for 29 shows though, so they had to get used to me!”

“The girls here at work have said that I’m bound to get some TV work out of it, because I came across really well. I hope so because I’d love a career in showbiz. I auditioned for X-Factor this year. They were impressed enough to ask me to sing a second song, but told me to try again next year”

“I’d love for something to develop now I’ve actually experienced being in the spotlight. We were treated so well. The audience think you are celebrities and it all makes you feel like a star.”

His time on the show was not just for himself though. Olly had wanted to win for his family in two ways: He wanted enough money to pay doctors’ fees investigate a mystery illness which his mother Vicky had suffered for more than two years and also he wanted to buy his disabled grandmother Eileen Pollard, an air ticket to the one and only ‘Elvis Presley’s’ Graceland home.

“I’ve already had my mates singing ‘Ten pounds, you only won ten pounds’ to me and I got plenty of stick when I played for the reserves against Halstead Town last week,” said Murs. “They all knew I’d only won a tenner because my uncle, John Pollard, plays for them.

“I just say to them that I went on TV and they didn’t”

“People talk about having 15 minutes of fame. I had 45 – and more than month’s worth before that – so I can’t complain.”

After the X Factor show on Saturday 12th September I found this out…….

Olly’s semi-pro football career with Witham Town ended when he had a ligament injury. He has performed at a few small pubs, but nothing like the X Factor crowd. His Dad, Peter and Mum Vicky-Lynn have always had doubts about his dream career in singing, always opting to urge him to stick with a normal job in order to carve out a career.

“They are like any parents. They want me to have a good job and a career and don’t think singing was a long-term option. But I think I changed their minds a bit on Saturday.”

“My parents have seen me perform a couple of times but only in small pubs. They have never seen me dance like that or sing in front of so many people.”

Talking about the past, Olly said “I loved football. But when I was I injured I looked for something to do.

“I had always enjoyed singing but the landlord of my local pub started it all off. He said I should do a night there and it was a success”

Olly’s sister, Fay, can be seen in the photo at the top of the page, pictured with Olly and I think you will agree they both look gorgeous.

If you are Olly Murs or you know him, then please drop me a line and I will update the site ( ) or leave a comment at the bottom of this page…! The comments section has worked well for Diversity so why not Olly Murs!

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