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Britain’s got talent – updates – 2009

Britains got talent

30th May 2009 – So, we have seen all the finalists now and these are the comments: four people did a repeat performance on the night – the same song or tune – if the dancers had performed the same dance, then the judges would have questioned why they couldn’t rehearse something new, so how come everyone got away with it?
• Diversity – They were excellent! I have taken off my comments, because they won!
• Susan Boyle – What can I say, I was surprised that she sang the same song as her audition, but it was sung very nicely. “you should win’ said Piers.
• Flawless – Very good lads!
• Shaun Smith – He sang the same song, so I was disappointed with that, as I wanted to hear something new. He is lovely though and Amanda said that he should pursue a singing career.
• Shaheen Jafargholi – a good performance, but for me, not winner material.
• Stavros Flatley – I absolutely loved this performance, and these two are so unique and fun. Piers said that he will book them for one of his parties, and I hope that they do get to perform and continue their fun routines for people.
• Julian Smith – Really good performance, but yet another repeated tune. A nice end to the show though. I hope he goes on to perform at other shows.
• 2 Grand – They messed up the beginning of the song, and were out of tune – not final material for me, and they did the same song, like many others.
• Aidan Davies – this was an energetic performance, but received bad comments from Simon. Since he had only performed the night before, I think he did a great job, and unlike many of the other finalists, at least he did something different, yet Simon told him it was similar – why didn’t you tell the others that their songs were all the same Simon?
• Hollie Steel – She held up on the Final’s night, and it was a lovely performance, but not enough to win.

Afternoon of 30th May 2009 – Wow, it is just a few hours from the Final of Britain’s got Talent. I have really enjoyed it and am rooting for Diversity, being from Essex.

Julian Smith – Saxophonist – really good and definitely has a chance
2 Grand – Grandfather and Grand daughter duo – singers – I just don’t really think they should be in the finals
Diversity – Male dance troupe from Essex – wey hey!
Susan Boyle – solo singer from Scotland – she has had loads of media coverage since the auditions
Flawless – Male dance group – similar to Diversity, but not quite as good…
Shaun Smith – 17 year old rugby player – definitely will be a hit with the girls – he has a lovely singing voice and seems really nice.
Shaheen Jafargholi – young male singer – very good
Stavros Flatley – One of my favourites – the Father and son team who do comedy dancing – they even had their ex-restaurant waiters as their backing dancers
Aidan Davies – Superb solo young male dancer – hot to win!
Hollie Steel – young girl who sings – she has a unique voice but all the tears need to stop in order to get on with the act first time tonight!
Friday 29th May 2009 – So, the winner tonight was Aidan Davis (brilliant solo dancer) and Hollie Steel (singing ‘Adelweiss’) was chosen from the runners up – the other being Greg Pritchard. I would have liked the Dream bears to go through, but hey ho. Personally, although everyone felt sorry for Hollie, I don’t think we can afford to have someone in the final who breaks down crying in the semi-finals – maybe she isn’t right for it. I had a feeling that it was a facial expression that Simon made that set her off, but this was not played up and it was Simon Cowell, in fact, who allowed her a second slot to do her act again. This, I feel is unfair, as no-one else gets a second chance!
Other semi-finalists
DCD Seniors – dance group from Cardiff (I thought they were very average and not to the standard of Flawless and Diversity – sorry girls!)
The Dreambears – what can I say, they were funny and I would have liked them to go through
Good Evans – from Coventry – I am sorry but they were sickly to me and could not sing very well at all.
Greg Pritchard – He looks like a rock star and sings high opera notes – very unusual and well done for getting into the top 3 for the votes as he is really ‘different’.
Luke Clements – the juggler – I was disappointed that the judges all buzzed him off, without him even finishing his performance, although it didn’t look like a winning act.
Martin ‘Goss’ Matcham – he did a pretty good version of the Robert Palmer track ‘Addicted to love’ with his lit up Union Jack guitar, and his Mother in law stayed in the audience tonight – she had a pop at Simon on stage when his comments were not complimentary in the auditions – very amusing!
Thursday 28th May 2009 highlights

I was so pleased that Julian Smith (saxophonist) got through to the finals, but disappointed at ‘2Grand’ – the duo of Grandad and Grand daughter singers. I just don’t think they are that good, and even though I am not usually too fond of too many child acts, I thought that Callum Francis had to win. He was absolutely brilliant! I could never imagine anyone taking off Mowgli out of Jungle Book, as it is so original and I have never seen it done, but this was out of this world. Poor lad! Since the judges were so full of compliments……
Piers: ‘Whatever happens, in 10 years time, you will be playing in a Westend show’.
Amanda: I have died and gone to heaven. That was perfection.
Simon: I love the film. That was a great routine, and I actually think you will be in the final.
It is hard to imagine why they changed their minds, and I am really disappointed with them all.
Other semi-finalists
Brit Chix – Taking off a spice girls song – badly
Fabia Cerra – buxom 35 year old who is not shy about flaunting it – I really liked her guts and her act – very entertaining
Fred Bowers – the 73 year old breakdancer who didn’t I read in the papers, was on disability benefit?
Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes (the dancing dog) – the audition was good but the semi-finalist act just luke warm
Sugar Free – girl dance group
Callum Francis – the 12 year old lad who was robbed of his place in the final – what a performance of Mowgli – great lad!
Wednesday 27th May 2009

Well, we had to miss a night of Britain’s got talent’ for the disappointing football match between Manchester United and Barcelona – what a waste of time – I didn’t see it, as I would not want to and the outcome was obvious……
Tuesday 26th May 2009 highlights –
So, the wonderful Stavros Flatley won (Father and son very funny dance team – they even had his waiters from his previous restaurant as backing dancers – a truly fabulous and inspiring act. Shaheen Jafargholi is also through – the young lad did a good singing performance, although I think that Amanda Holden’s comment about him being better than Tom Jones was rather ridiculous!
Other semi-finalists
Ben & Becky – It was a shame to see the fairly mediocre dance routine of the brother and sister team, Becky and Ben, as I would have liked to have supported a fellow Essex team, but they were just not good enough.
The Barrow boys – I really liked them – the farmers who have created a dance routine with their wheelbarrows – really good but not winner material
Floral high notes – the lady opera singer with the man who created a floral shield – just strange really if you ask me!
Harmony – Two young dancer/singers – a bit ‘high school musical’ but an energetic act.
Kayode Oresanya – Human saxophonist – not sure how he was picked as one of the top 40!
MD showgroup – a huge group of girls who are campaigning against young knife/street crime. Really good and I was surprised they didn’t get through

Monday 25th May 2009 highlights

Shaun Smith got through – this 17 year old is very cute and a rugby player, so he will be an absolute hit with the young ladies no doubt – watch out for the fan base Shaun! I really like him and his voice – really nice lad! Flawless also got through – this all male dance group were really good, but I still think that Diversity were better – just that bit more unique. Out of the two, as they are so similar, I hope that Diversity win.
Other semi-finalists –
DJ Talent – the guy with, was it, 24 gold teeth? Very confident, not a winner but entertaining for a time.
Gareth Ol – the ventriloquist – I really liked him as he was unique and very talented – singing that song would have been enough on its own, but doing it keeping your mouth still – well, I was hoping he would be in the finals.
Hot Honeyz – girl dance act
Jamie Pugh – He was full of nerves again, and didn’t pick the best song, but I was hoping he would go through too, as he was a genuine guy – still they can’t all! Amanda buzzed him halfway through – why???? He was nervous, and her reason was that he was too nervous and made her feel nervous watching him – Simon said to her ‘Well, you didn’t help by X ing him halfway through’ which made her look really mean. Then she tried, badly, to recover herself and make herself look better by handing out a compliment.
Merlin Cadogan – the escapist – not a bad act but the best bit was when Amanda Holden told him that it he wasn’t risking his life because the flames on the burning rope he was hanging from were going in the other direction, therefore he could not burn to death. Doh! Simon very nicely told her in no uncertain terms that the reason he could have died was because if the rope burnt through, he would have dropped 8 feet to the floor and landed on his head and died – she made a right fool of herself in trying to cover up her mistake but badly – poor woman had a bit of a bad night on Monday!
Peter Coghlan – aka Mamma Trish – the drag act – I liked him but not winning material
Sunday 24th May 2009 highlights –
So, Diversity got through as second place – well done boys! Susan Boyle was the winner, but I think she is over rated.
Other semi-finalists
Darth Vader – what can I say – what were the judges thinking putting him through over someone like the little drummer lad? Awful!
Faces of Disco – I really liked these two young lads, who have great dance moves whilst acting out special moves for celebrities with the celeb’s faces worn as cardboard masks. I hoped that they would get through but hey ho, wtih Diversity and Susan, they didn’t really have a chance.
Julia Naidenko – Cannot really see it with her – she can belly dance, but then Shakira can dance better and sing at the same time so what was so good about this, apart from the fact that she was pretty? Jealous? No, but I think that Amanda got accused of it! Glad she didn’t get through.
Natalie Okri – Young girl who had a wonderful voice, but she chose the wrong song for the semi-finals, that’s all….
Nick Hell – another one who just shouldn’t have been in the semi-finals against many others. Disgusting act of him hanging things from his stretched ears – not talent, just disgusting. If any of you have seen ‘Gary Stretch’ perform on the stage in the circus of horrors, then you would see that this is no competition! (I like Gary Stretch)
Sue Son – the violinist who chose to ditch her best friend in the auditions under Simon Cowell’s request. It appears that all was not well with her relationship with her friend, but she was happy to take the risk. Good, but not extraordinary.
I have run out of time today to fill in the gaps, but did see it all – hope to complete this soon….
Saturday 25th April 2009 Diversity performed in the auditions in London and blew the judges and audience away with their unique moves.
To read more about Diversityjust click HERE

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