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What to buy without palm oil – cosmetic/food/household

What to buy – products NOT using palm oil or using sustainable oil


Waitrose and the Co-operative (co-op) now have palm oil listed in the ingredients of their own brand products, which will give you the opportunity to choose products without palm oil if you wish.  Sainsburys are in the process of re-listing the ingredients of their own brand products and I will put a notice on this website once they have that complete.

BREAD – Waitrose Oraganic bread is the only bread I have seen in there without palm oil in it – the white and seeded oatmeal are delicious and to be honest, I do not get a bloated tummy after eating it, as opposed to other breads which can cause discomfort.

CHOCOLATE – I have found a chocolate that does not contain palm oil!  It is Chokolit ‘biting back bar’  see my article on it by CLICKING HERE

FISH PRODUCTS – Sainsbury’s own brand ‘basics fish fingers’ plus all the other products in their frozen fish range

Palm-oil free foods (as recommended by the Independent website)
*Walkers Crisps; Muller Light; Lurpak; Lindt; Heinz Beans; Weetabix; Cathedral City Cheese; Heinz Soups; Danone Activia; Heinz Ketchup; Petit Filous; Dairylea; Anchor Spreads; Doritos; Bird’s Eye Frozen Veg; Hellmann’s Mayonnaise; Hula Hoops; Sensations; Yeo Valley Yogurts; Kettle Crisps; Uncle Ben’s Rice; McCain’s Chips; Snack a Jacks; Kellogg’s Cornflakes; Toblerone; Danone Actimel; John West Tinned Fish.

Palm oil is also not in leading pet food Pedigree, Whiskas and Felix, nor best-selling soft and alcoholic drinks.


I am currently researching this, but I can advise on these products:

• Body Shop only uses sustainable palm oil and does not test on animals, therefore it is my favourite at the moment
• Lush has a new ‘greenwash soap’, which is palm oil free, so this is fine to use.

• Sainsbury’s own brand standard bars of soap

You can help!

If you use cosmetics from other Companies, why don’t you drop them a line and ask them about their palm oil useage – do they use it? And if they do, is it sustainable oil that they use? If it is not, then do they have plans to use sustainable in the future? If they are a member of the ‘Roundtable for Sustainable Oil’ then that is a start but not an end.

If you do manage to get some responses, please tell me about them, or any other actions you are taking yourself – even just spreading the word to people you know – I would love to post my readers help on this site to help encourage others to follow suit – email me at


To be confirmed……..

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