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Waitrose orang-utan support promise, WWF say they kept it!

How pleased I was to see the article in the Waitrose weekend paper dated 24th November 2011.  I picked it up because it has a large photo of a mother and baby Orangutan on the front cover.  ‘How we kept our promise’ it says as the headline.  Back in April 2010, Waitrose had pledged to use only ‘sustainable’ palm oil in their own brand products by the end of 2012 which is a very hard task, but not impossible.  Other supermarkets, particularly Tesco, have little interest in helping the Orangutan, other wildlife or the environment with such a project, but they are fools as we are harming our own environment for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren by allowing palm oil plantation owners to rip up the pristine rainforests inIndonesia andMalaysia.  Carbon dioxide is released every time a rainforest tree is uprooted or burnt down, and all the poor wildlife in the forest at the time of ‘slash and burn’ projects, doesn’t bare thinking about.

I digress!  Back to Waitrose…  Waitrose have succeeded so far in their promise by 68 per cent, so are well on target it would appear to be 100% by the end of 2012.  Fingers crossed!  WWF have awarded Waitrose 9/9 on the scorecard last week – a rating that takes into account the commitment and use of palm oil certified to the Roundtable on Sustainable palm oil (RSPO).  Waitrose and other companies showing willing to this project and showing that it really can be done, will show up the rest of the lazy companies who couldn’t care less, apart from money, since unsustainable palm oil is cheap to purchase and used in so many things it makes my head spin.  (please look around my site for more information as there’s lots on palm oil, sustainability, products palm oil is used in, save the Orangutan campaign and much more) 

Back in May 2009 I received a letter (as I did from many manufacturers at that time) in reply to my own, asking Waitrose all about their palm oil useage and plans, and this is the reply 

Of course, the RSPO do label unsustainable palm oil plantations ‘sustainable’ after a set number of years, as once they are in place for some time, they are sustainable, BUT many came about originally as ‘unsustainable’ and slash and burn efforts, so it’s by far, not all good news.  It just means that the harm they all caused a few years back is now classed as ‘sustainable’ and we’ve got enough now thanks to make an effort.  Greed all the way to be honest.

However, that has nothing to do with Waitrose, so well done Waitrose for setting a good standard to the manufacturing industry.  If they can do it, so can everyone – every little helps and we must not give up! J


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