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The Prince’s Rainforest Project, Duchy and Palm oil

The Prince’s Rainforest Project, Duchy and Palm oil

If any of you saw Jonathan Ross last night, then you would have seen the speech made by Vivienne Westwood about the rainforests. She promoted the website and campaign of Prince Charles – The Princes Rainforest Project.  She urged us to go onto his website and sign the petition.

This is a great campaign, (I have signed it) and although it is not directly to help the Orangutan’s, the work of saving the rainforests will help them indirectly in those Countries as well as all over the World in other Countries.  See it here:

I made a note of his campaign earlier this year, plus some other really great ones on these pages of my website:

Charities and Organisations for Orangutans & rainforests – click here

Palm oil – the dangers – click here

Save the Orangutans – click here

This did remind me to do something else as well though, as I had seen an article about the Prince Charles Duchy Range in the Independent in May. The range has 5 products which contain palm oil – I thought I would write to them to find out if it is sustainable or unsustainable palm oil that they are using.

However, in searching through their website, for pages regarding palm oil I came across this policy on their palm oil use, which is really good news:

Also, you can see from this page:  that palm oil is actually listed as an ingredient in those biscuits.

However, I will not be eating those products that contain palm oil and I have asked them to tell me which ones have palm oil in them. I still do not want to eat this saturated fat, even if it is from a sustainable source!


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