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SOS – Sumatran Orangutan Society

SOS logo Sumatran Orangutan Society

Sumatran Orangutan Society –

Their projects in Sumatra operate through the Orangutan Information Centre (SOS-OIC). They founded this organization in 2001 in collaboration with a group of dedicated Indonesian conservationists to raise awareness of environmental and orangutan conservation issues amongst local communities living in North Sumatra and Aceh.

As they say on their website: Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered.

Habitat loss and poaching are pushing them towards imminent extinction. Every minute, every day an area equal to six football fields of Indonesian forest disappears!  I think you can agree that this is disgraceful and unacceptable.

Read SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society) information on palm oil: and outline their campaign here:

They have some great ideas on how to help here: and here:

You can also get involved in writing to Supermarkets and Manufacturers to ask them to source sustainable palm oil, instead of using the unsustainable supplies produced in Borneo and Sumatra – it is killing the Orangutans for our greed and materialism – see my campaign by CLICKING HERE