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Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

The reply from Clarins was dismal – it took nearly 4 months and a lot of pestering to get any reply at all, and when I did it was insufficient. I had already promised to use body shop products and use up the Clarins that I was using, and I am pleased to say that I have nearly used it all up now and definitely will not be buying anymore. Clarins are not members of the RSPO, which is not the be all and end all, but at least it is a token gesture, and they will not confirm if they use unsustainable or sustainable palm oil, so we have to assume that it is an unsustainable product being used in six of their products.

Still, unlike Clinique, I am pleased to say that they do not test on animals.

They said that…….. Since 1988 the only tests that Clarins conduct during the development and manufacture of our products are on human volunteers and tissue cultures which replicate the structure of the human skin and eye. Clarins has also not used ingredients of animal origin in its products since this date.

The ingredients we use are purchased from specialist suppliers who produce a safety file, conforming to European regulations, for each raw ingredient they sell. We will always request a copy of this documentation to ensure that an ingredient is safe to use for cosmetic purposes, but at no time do we demand or commission animal tests.

I had asked specific questions to which I expected, as standard, to receive a reply to my queries. Being sent to a website 4 months after my enquiry to find out for myself is a disgrace for customer service. I was just sent the links below……

About palm oil in their products

Their environmental policy

Their commitments


Original letter sent to Clarins……..


Please pass to the relevant department.

I have been researching the unsustainable palm oil situation with regard to the UK’s involvement, it has brought about some alarming news with regard to the wildlife, indigenous peoples, our health, global warming due to the slash and burn of the rainforests, and our knowledge about the oil and what it is in. I am, as a consumer, very upset about this situation, and I have some questions for you, as to the use of palm oil in your products, as I wish to only buy products with RSPO certified oil in them ….

1. Do you make any products that contain palm oil? If so, which ones? And are there any without palm oil that I can use? (my favourites are skin and anti cellulite products)

2. Are you using sustainable or unsustainable oil in your products?

3. If unsustainable, do you need to use it?

4. If you use palm oil in your products, is it shown in the ingredients listing? If not, could you do that so that we, as consumers, can choose whether we consume palm oil or not when deciding to buy your product

5. Are you a member of the RSPO?

6. Are your products tested on animals?

I understand that a lot has been done over the last 5 years, to raise awareness, and moves have been made by the Consumer Industry and Government in the UK, but if action is not taken more quickly, then it will all be in vain as far as the population of Orangutans are concerned. I think that a target of 2015 (which is predicted for many Companies) for using only sustainable oil is too far away – it must be realised that the Orangutans have only 10 years left at the rate of the increase of palm oil deforestation and plantations and something needs to be done far faster than it has been in the last 5 years.

I would very much appreciate it if you could answer the above, so that I can fully understand the situation as it stands at the moment, as there are many mixed views in the media at present. I would prefer to get the facts right about your policies and palm oil use, if any, first hand.

Kind Regards,

Sandra Dean