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Palm oil vs Orangutans – Have your say, what to do & how to help

What to do and how to help

Helping with the unsustainable palm oil plantation problems is easy – write to people. The more of us that show our feelings and desires to make a change, the more impact it will have…..

• Write to the Government, your MP or MEP – see details HERE
• Write to the Supermarkets – see details HERE
• Write to manufacturing Companies for food, domestic and cosmetic products – see details HERE 

Under each letter I have sent, you will see the replies from some of them so far, and I would like to say that, although they are members of the round table for sustainable palm oil and are doing their bit (some more than others), that their timescales for swapping to sustainable palm oil use is not outlined, and I will be seeking further information on this. If there is a timescale it may be too far in the future – therefore, please do write to them – we need to know who is responsible for the timescale and when that timescale is. If something is not done soon, then the orangutans will become extinct! Every day that this is not in place, orangutans are tortured, killed, and their homes disappearing, and the environment is being harmed by the cutting down of the rainforest and the indigenous peoples are losing a lot too!

If you do manage to get some responses, please tell me about them, or any other actions you are taking yourself – even just spreading the word to people you know – I would love to post my readers help on this site to help encourage others to follow suit – email me at  

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How can we make a difference?
The simplest thing is for us is to demand that any of our favourite products which currently contain palm oil, only contain palm oil from non-destructive sources. A recent survey by Friends of the Earth revealed that UK companies don’t even know where their palm oil originates. And as consumers, we are also hamstrung by the fact that palm oil often gets labelled as simply vegetable oil. The government must be persuaded to make it compulsory for UK companies to label the exact type of vegetable oil in products that they sell (for example, as ‘palm oil’) and to disclose the original plantation source. If companies fail to prove that their palm oil is from non-destructive sources, they must be considered to be contributing to the extinction of the orangutan. Consumers are entitled to know if their weekly shop is adding to the extermination of orangutans and other wildlife in Indonesia and Malaysia. By demanding a commitment from manufacturers to purchase their palm oil only from non-destructive sources, we can all
contribute to the survival of this great ape – as well as many other species. Never forget. One person can make a difference when others join in to create a force of unstoppable change.
“Let us remember, always, that we are the consumers. By exercising free choice, by choosing what to buy, what not to buy, we have the power, collectively to change the ethics of the business of industry. We have the potential to exert immense power for good-we each carry it with us, in our purses, cheque books, and credit cards.” Jane Goodall, “A Reason for Hope”

There is an alternative: it is called “non-destructive” palm oil.  The key requirements for sourcing non-destructive palm oil are really quite straightforward.  It should be sourced from plantations that:
• Use already-degraded land for palm oil production.
• Ensure that absolutely no high conservation value
forests are cleared for oil-palm cultivation.
• Respect the traditional land rights of local communities.
• Do not use fire to clear areas.
• Ensure that corridors remain to connect existing forests
allowing free movement of populations of animal
• Do not offer bonuses to kill orangutans.

BOS says: Fundraising / Awareness raising events – This can be absolutely anything some kids have been selling cakes at school and there is a guy jumping out of a plane. My colleague runs film nights from time to time and a volunteer is holding a garden party later this year. These all work and we would give what support we can.
Write to MP, supermarket, furniture shop. Checking your shopping, are you palm oil and rainforest wood free? It is not just palm oil in your household items and food, but to be sure that the wood in your furniture is not from illegal logging in Borneo and Sumatra too!

If you would like to help the Orangutans directly, through charities etc, please see HERE

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See this report from nature alert from 2007 – some things have moved since, but not enough and not fast enough


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