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my new orangutan campaign t shirt May 09

my new orangutan campaign t shirt May 09 not just an essex girl - my car advert

not just an essex girl - my car advert

not just an essex girl - my car advert

 I have adopted 

  • Rasa Ria Rehabilitation, Sabah – adopted Katie and Merudu (who have now successfully completed their first section of their rehabilitation and have moved to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan for their next stage of Rehabilitation
  • Seplilok Rehabilitation Centre – adopted Ceria
  • BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) – adopted Ruthie
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund) – adopted Koyah

Why dont you adopt today – find out about the charities you can adopt with HERE

Update for July 2010 – I attended the Orangutan Foundation/Indonesian Embassy night in London – CLICK HERE for details

Update for May 2010 – I have just been published in Essex Life magazine with my interview, in which I was able to promote my Orangutan campaign – see it by clicking HERE:

Update for April 2010 – I am just working on my new website dedicated to Orangutans – I will post on this site when it is finished and has all my new orangutan stuff on it… 🙂

Update on 1st August 2009 – I have a double page story about myself and my campaign in Woman’s Own (10th August issue) which is out in the shops from Monday 3rd August for one week only.  Have a read or see it on my site next week…..

Update on 31st July 2009 – I finally have my car advertisement for the site and the Orangutans on my car  – I hope to get the people of Essex to support my campaign!

Update on 3oth July 2009 – I set up two very important petitions today to help the Orangutans – please show your support by taking a couple of minutes out to read them and sign them (hopefully!) you can view them by CLICKING HERE

Update on 15th July 2009 – Guess what I have found? A chocolate that does not use palm oil at all and helps wildlife charities, including Orangutans! see my article by CLICKING HERE

Also, I am currently looking at the structure of the website and have noticed that now there is so much on it, it is not as easy to navigate as it could be.  To make it easier for now, whilst this is in progress, please be aware that the drop down lists at the top of the website contain all the main static  informatiion and the category posts on the left hand side are different – they contain all the up to date news and palm oil campaign letters. 

12th July 2009

I have had most of the replies from my Orangutan/palm oil campaign from May 2009 now.  See the recent news and what’s next by CLICKING HERE

4th July 2009

I featured in the Leigh Times last week with my Orangutan campaign – you can view the details by CLICKING HERE

29th May 2009

The Echo double page story and campaign was brilliant – really well written by Claire Borley, and the photos looked great.  You can see the online version here: I have just recieved my campaign vinyl stickers to put in the back window of my car to advertise the campaign, and I am just working on getting the replies from the Supermarkets/manufacturers onto the site, regarding their palm oil use.  I am also creating flyers/posters to use when I do a bootsale – use every opportunity to advertise the campaign for the Orangutans, I say!

22nd May 2009

I have just started to get replies from my MP, Supermarkets and manufacturers regarding their palm oil use and whether they use sustainable or unsustainable palm oil – you can see the replies by clicking HERE and please see what I have to say about their replies by clicking HERE  I will be featuring in the Woman section of the Basildon Echo newspaper on Bank holiday Monday (25th May 2009) so look out for that if you are out and about or at the airshow – enjoy the sun!

The whole campaign details can be seen in the posts HERE

My motto is: ‘Every letter helps – every penny helps – help today as tomorrow may be too late!’

14th May 2009

Today, I have sent letters out to:

  • UK Supermarkets
  • My MP
  • Government departments (Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform and the Department for Energy & Climate change)
  • Companies responsible for manufacturing products with unsustainable palm oil (all 43 out of the top 100 products sold in the UK!)
  • My favourite cosmetic Companies

I have commented as to unsustainable palm oil use, RSPO sustainable palm oil, the environment, consumer rights to know when palm oil is in products and more – take a look at my letters HERE

See how you can help by sending letters HERE

And I picked up my new ‘Help the Orangutans’ t-shirts in conjunction with my website – lets hope people will take notice and help!

updated 11th May 2009

I have posted lots of information on how to help with the palm oil situation on my site in the last week – you can help for free – just a little of your time – so take a look today HERE! 

I have also ordered some campaign T-shirts, so that I can spread the word about orangutans and the palm oil problems whilst I am out and about – you could do that too.  I have also decided to make some posters and leaflets to take to my next bootsale this year and to put in the car, to spread the word……

I have also made efforts to find out what products I use and eat have palm oil in, and have already cut out those that I know used unsustainable palm oil – you can help by doing that too.   To be honest, I am so shocked at how many products include palm oil in their ingredients, I am wondering what sort of health issue this brings about.  At the end of the day, palm oil is a saturated fat, which I do not want to be eating anyway (particularly when it is a hidden ingredient by most Companies), so I have another reason to stop eating it – my health!  No more malteser’s, Cadbury, Hovis, Flora, McCoys crisps….  the list is endless, but I can do without them!  You can find out more about this HERE

28th April 2009

I have, today, sent a newsletter to 1631 people from my Businesses opt in mailing list, to make them aware of this website and the plight of the Orangutan.  Raising awareness to as many people as possible is the first step, and the Newspapers, Radio and Magazines are next on my list to target……

My Pledge made on 24th April 2009

My updated pledge means that I will be actively writing to people about the problems for the Orangutans, marketeing my campaign in newspapers/magazines and will be raising awareness through my newsletter to my clients in my business

I will keep this page updated!

My Pledge made on 4th April

Whilst researching the Palm oil situation in Borneo and Sumatra and the problems it is causing to the Orangutans, wildlife and people of those areas, I also learnt the other big lesson ‘We are killing our environment and the ecosystem of the rainforests’. Over the next few weeks, I will be updating this website to show the plight of the Orangutans decline and the reasons for this. I will also be outlining the damage that is being caused to our environment every day, with palm oil production being the main culprit.

On Friday just gone (3rd April 2009), I made a pledge to be aware of where palm oil is being used and to avoid it where possible. I have been an avid ‘Clarins’ user and love vast ranges of cosmetics, but I just didnt realise how many use palm oil in their products. Apparently 10% or more of the products we buy in Supermarkets contain palm oil, many not outling the facts in their ingredients, just naming it ‘vegetable oil’. It is used because it is cheap. Money, money, money – it is no surprise! Biscuits, cakes, soaps and much much more contain this oil that is killing our environment and the wildlife that goes with it…… So, whilst I will not throw away the cosmetics I have at the moment, as every time I use them I think about the palm oil and the destruction which is a good lesson for me to make this campaign happen, I went straight out to the Body Shop on Saturday, and filled up on their products. They do not test on animals and use only sustainable palm oil from Columbia, which is not involving damage to the environment, animals or bad conditions for the workers – it is completely controlled.

Why dont you help and just take a few moments to become aware of how you can help?

Please read more about this on my website!

Take care!