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I just wanted to let you know that I now have two petitions set up for my Save the Orangutan Campaign. I have made them as easy as possible to sign up to so please take a moment out to sign both of them – if you agree of course! 🙂 – and pass the links to anyone you know who may also like to sign them.  Just click on the links to see the full details of each petition before you sign it…….  Please note that these are two very important and very different petitions – one targetting the Government Law and the other targetting the Supermarkets and Manufacturers who plough palm oil secretly into our food and everyday products!

Petition Number 1 CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND SIGN – Save the Orangutans – demand sustainable palm oil is used by Supermarkets & Manufacturers! – targetting Supermarkets and Manufacturers – We need to ask that all Supermarkets/Manufacturers using palm oil in their products on sale to consumer’s, to become a member of the RSPO if they are not already, and that they stop using harmful unsustainable palm oil. Also to voluntarily show palm oil as an ingredient in their products, instead of using generic terms such as ‘vegetable oil’. The production of unsustainable palm oil is harming our environment and Orangutan’s in Borneo and Sumatra. If palm oil must be used in a product, then please seek and use sustainable palm oil as a substitute, with a strict timescale for the change over, as soon as possible.


Petition number 2 CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND SIGN  – Save the Orangutans – Demand labelling law change from the Government of ‘Palm oil’ in our products! – targetting the UK Government – We need to ask the Government to put forward new legislation on the labelling of our products containing palm oil so that Manufacturers cannot label our products with the generic term ‘Vegetable oil’ when it contains destructive palm oil.  Label palm oil!  It is unfair that, as a consumer, we are not allowed the right to see when this saturated fat is used in products that we buy. Manufacturers are allowed to label palm oil under the generic term ‘vegetable oil’ which takes away our ability to know what we are eating/consuming and if part of it’s production (unsustainable palm oil) is harming our environment and Wildlife, particularly the Orangutan’s in Borneo and Sumatra.  This must be changed. 

We need the Government to change the law so that all Manufacturers have to list palm oil in the ingredients list on their products.

For the Orangutans!

Kind Regards,

Sandra Dean