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Save the Orangutans

For info on what to buy with good palm oil…..Checking your shopping, are you palm oil and rainforest wood free?  It is not just palm oil in your household items and food, but to be sure that the wood in your furniture is not from illegal logging in Borneo and Sumatra too!

Please write to the write to the Government about illegal logging here: .  It is all done for you – you just need to add your name!

Save the Orangutans copyright Sandra M Dean

Save the Orangutans copyright Sandra M Dean

Save the Orangutans



So much can be done to help the plight of the orangutans, without costing money and YOU can help!

They are endangered for many reasons within their two habitats – Borneo and Sumatra.

The Island of Borneo is split between Indonesia and Malaysia and Sumatra is within Indonesia.

• Both have biodiverse rainforests that are being cut down at a rapid rate for logging and palm oil plantations. This involves forest fires, killing all nature that lives within it, bad working conditions for the workers, habitat loss for the indigenous peoples, and a permanent effect on the atmosphere and our children’s futures. To find out more about palm oil and the problems see here . Unfortunately money ‘talks’, and the palm oil industry is a huge money maker, which the EU will be utilising more and more in its pledge to use more biofuels in order to help the environment. Biofuels are made from palm oil, and the problem is that unless they use palm oil from sustainable plantations, it will come with the cost of the destruction of the rainforest and all that lives in it. Palm oil plantations are created by cutting down the rainforest and creating fires to clear the land, which often go out of control and burn other areas of the forest and all flora and fauna within it. Palm oil is also being used in cosmetics, foods and around 10% of the products sold in our supermarkets – how much do you know? How much are you consuming? Read more here  or make a pledge like me here The orang-utan needs a large area to live in by itself – they do not live alone because they are not sociable, but for food purposes – they need an area large enough to supply food for themselves, as they survive mainly on fruits and termites. The cutting down of the forests is not allowing enough area for the existing orangutans to survive.

PLEASE help my campaign for orangutans by clicking HERE – its free to help!

My motto is: ‘Every letter helps – every penny helps – help today as tomorrow may be too late!’

See Ruth Kelly’s report here:  
See what Prince Charles has been doing here:  
• In Thailand, there are many orangutans kept as pets, or used in fights for audience enjoyment, or as photo props for tourist photos. This must be stopped, and I would urge anyone going to Thailand, who sees an orang-utan outside of a zoo, that is used in any of these ways or similar, to report the scene and people to one of the charities or us at  I have a photo from a woman’s magazine in 2006, of a man with two pet orangutans dressed in t-shirts. The wife of the person in the photo had sent it in making a joke about them kissing her husband whilst on honeymoon in Pattaya, Thailand. The point is that it is not funny and the orangutans involved were overweight, too young to be away from their mothers, and probably drugged (even though they are placid). I would be surprised if they are still alive now, yet the magazine and the people on the holiday just didn’t realise! PLEASE DON’T LET THAT BE YOU! If you go on holiday to Thailand, please be aware of these issues! Please see here for a photo and information showing this awful behaviour

You can help and have your say!- see HERE

Some photos to ponder over…..

See what Prince Charles is doing about the rainforests here:  

If you do something to help or have any questions, please either use the comments form or email us at:  – let us know what you think!

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ask why an orangutan submits to this treatment at the afamosa resort malaysia by ian redmond

ask why an orangutan submits to this treatment at the afamosa resort malaysia by ian redmond

orangutan in rooftop zoo pata department store bangkok thailand by ian redmond

orangutan in rooftop zoo pata department store bangkok thailand by ian redmond

begging for food not fun at Zoo

begging for food not fun at Zoo








solitary in indonesian zoo

solitary in indonesian zoo

mother killed and baby tied up

mother killed and baby tied up

torment-torture-and-hunger-in-indonesia-photo-from-naturealertorg1• The pet trade and abduction of young babies (which involves killing the mothers) is something that is still going on.
In Sumatra, legislation dating from 1931 prohibits the owning, killing, or capture of orangutans. However, in reality, poachers still hunt them, mostly for the pet trade. In international law, orangutans are listed on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), prohibiting unlicensed trade due to the conservation status of the species in the wild. Unfortunately, the demand for young orangutans as pet’s locally and internationally is still high which means that the poachers are still out there killing the mothers in order to capture the baby orphans. Roughly only one in four will survive this ordeal, and four mothers will have been killed in order to capture the four in the first place!

• The governments seem to protect orangutans when it may bring money in with tourism, but are not working hard enough on the big issues – this is how it seemed to me and my guides in Sabah, Borneo.
• Road network plans will mean more rainforest areas being taken down to make way for road systems. At present, the effects of this are disastrous for the orang-utan. Forest islands occur, and the land left in the middle is not enough for the population to live in, and is without protection from forest fires that can occur.
• Sometimes orangutans are killed just because they are hungry and look to peoples farms and gardens for fruits – they are killed as they are seen as ‘pests’. Some very poor may even kill Orangutans for food for themselves!
Perhaps you have seen the TV programmes – ‘Monkey life’ and ‘Orangutan Diary’?

They both outline and help viewers to understand the destruction in Borneo as well as show what help they are giving to the existing orangutans that have been rescued.

• Monkey life focuses on ‘Monkey World’ currently shown on Channel 5  in Dorset, which is an Ape rescue centre. The couple that own it research and organise the rescue of monkeys from around the World, from the pet trade, found abused in laboratories, circus tents or as photographers props. They are rehabilitated there and given the chance to spend the rest of their days being cared for in a natural environment.

• Orangutan Diary , the popular BBC series (two series have been shown on the TV, and the first series can be bought for your home enjoyment) is based in Borneo (BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) which is a rehabilitation centre in Indonesian Borneo . You can see more information, photos and how to help this charity in our listing HERE

You can help by donating to, fundraising or working voluntarily for the many charities here or by telling your friends and families about them. Raising awareness is key to ensuring more people will care and do something to help.  Orang Utan Republik Foundation’s Education Initiative. They work to educate Indonesians as to the value of Orangutans and their needs, plus the consequences of buying, selling or owning them. All these things, in the world of rainforest destruction, is needed in order for Indonesian people to work with, instead of against, the charities and for the Orangutans! See more information on this foundation and how to help them, including the orangutan care week held each year HERE Join their Petition here –

 How about adopting an orang-utan – you can then read about the journey of the orphan while they are rehabilitated – it makes a great present for birthdays or Christmas too! You can adopt from these charities and foundations here.

And you could always go on an eco-tour of Borneo or Sumatra to see the orangutans and other wildlife – this tourism encourages the governments and local people to realise that the rainforests and wildlife they have out there is important and respected – maybe you could talk to the local people out there and express your love for these wonderful creatures.

I do not have a favourite Charity, as they are all working as hard as they can to support the Orangutans, so please take a look for yourself from our information given here  and see how you can help! You might even buy something nice from their merchandise pages.

You can also sign petitions, write letters and spread the word – here are some ideas from the foundations/charities:

SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society) have some great ideas here:  and here:  

BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) have some ideas here:  and here:  and information on palm oil and supermarkets here:  

Nature Alert (UK)  for reports on how this is affecting the orangutans and what you can do to help! Also, up to date news on what is going on. It is also associated with  focussing on the trade, abuse and treatment of orangutans throughout the world.  Find out more about them, see photos (some disturbing) and how to help on my post HERE
The Orangutan Foundation have some great ideas here:

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