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Palm Oil – the dangers


unsustainable Palm oil industry kills copyright Sandra M Dean

unsustainable Palm oil industry kills copyright Sandra M Dean

Palm Oil – the dangers and how you can help 




Apparently 10% or more of the products we buy in Supermarkets contain palm oil, many not outlining the facts in their ingredients, just naming it ‘vegetable oil’. It is used because it is cheap. Money, money, money – it is no surprise!  Palm oil is present in many products, such as soap, chocolate, biscuits, ready meals, ice creams, cereal, margarine, paints, make up, shampoo, show gels, washing powder, fabric softeners and even chewing gum – can you believe how much you are consuming! Even more contains this oil that is killing our environment and the wildlife that goes with it……

Whilst researching the Palm oil situation in Borneo and Sumatra and the problems it is causing to the Orangutans, wildlife and people of those areas, I also learnt the other big lesson ‘We are killing our environment and the ecosystem of the rainforests’.

In Borneo and Sumatra, the rainforest is being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations at such fast rate, in Sumatra alone, there is already four times more palm oil area than there is rainforest suitable for the Orangutans! Forests out there are disappearing at a rate of 2.8 Hectares a year!
Instead of utilizing land that is empty, the palm oil companies prefer to cut down the rainforest, so that they can benefit from the income generated in selling the timber.
It is not just the environment and orangutans that are being destroyed – it is harming the local people and other wildlife too!
Another use for palm oil is bio fuels, but to make them using palm oil created in this destructive way is far from ‘green’.
So, we are now seeing climate changes due to global warming and other damaging factors, which we are trying to help by producing bio fuels. The problem is that, to make the bio fuels, even more damage is being done to the environment than if we didn’t make them at all. The desire for bio fuels to help the planet is increasing the need for palm oil which, in turn, damages the environment even more by the increase in plantations and decrease in the bio diversity of the rainforests.
So, how can we win?

PLEASE help my campaign for reduction in unsustainable palm oil use – see details by clicking HERE

My Motto is ‘Every letter helps – every penny helps – help today as tomorrow may be too late!’

Well, the message is not to ‘stop’ using palm oil or making it – the message is to try to get the people of the World to understand that we need to be responsible for ensuring the palm oil that is used in our products is from sustainable plantations. There are sustainable palm oil plantations that can be used or set up across the globe, so there really is no need to cut down precious rainforests at all.
Taken from the Sumatran Orangutan Society  website: ‘Currently more carbon emissions result from deforestation and peat fires than are produced by the entire global transport sector. Slowing the rate of forest destruction is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to fight climate change’. More information here:  

• This is what Prince Charles is doing about the rainforests (April 2009):  – the roundtable on sustainable palm oil tells of its efforts to keep our palm oil coming from sustainable sources
• Ruth Kelly on the debate:  in which Professor Gallagher also concludes that there is a risk that the uncontrolled expansion and use of biofuels could lead to unsustainable changes in land use, such as the destruction of rainforest to make way for the production of crops. That might, in turn, increase greenhouse gas emissions, as well as contributing to higher food prices and shortages. The Gallagher report therefore concludes that the introduction of biofuels should be slowed until policies are in place to direct biofuel production on to marginal or idle land and until these are demonstrated to be effective. The detail of these control mechanisms would need to be agreed internationally.
• Friends of the Earth  campaign for better environments for everyone – one of their campaigns is regarding biofuels created with palm oil – you can see two of their campaign outlines here:

See more about them on their page by clicking HERE

 Some photos to ponder over…..

oil palms replace rainforests photo from ian redmond

oil palms replace rainforests photo from ian redmond

buried alive after chopping his hand off on palm plantation

buried alive after chopping his hand off on palm plantation


rescued and nearly dead photo from BOS

rescued and nearly dead photo from BOS







orangutan cruelty at palm oil plantatiions photo from BOS

orangutan cruelty at palm oil plantatiions photo from BOS  Orang Utan Republik Foundation’s Education Initiative. They work to educate Indonesians as to the value of Orangutans and their needs, plus the consequences of buying, selling or owning them. All these things, in the world of rainforest destruction, is needed in order for Indonesian people to work with, instead of against, the charities and for the Orangutans! See more information on this foundation and how to help them, including the orangutan care week held each year HERE Join their Petition here –

Nature Alert (UK)  reports on how this is affecting the orangutans and what you can do to help! Also, up to date news on what is going on. It is also associated with  focussing on the trade, abuse and treatment of orangutans throughout the world.  Find out more about them and view photos of realtity on my post HERE
The people of the Nations need to become aware of this and help to push the governments towards the use of these ‘greener’ plantations. We can make our supermarkets aware of what we think too. We can tell our friends and family, who in turn can tell theirs. Please just take a little time out to understand the real state of this problem and see if you can help today!
If you buy cosmetics, why not change to ‘body shop’ products which are not tested on animals and use sustainable palm oil in their products, thus supporting the plight of the Orangutan as well as the environment and people. They are a member of the round table on sustainable palm oil – see more information on this here:
 On Friday (3rd April 2009), I made a pledge to be aware of where palm oil is being used and to avoid it where possible. I have been an avid ‘Clarins’ user and love vast ranges of cosmetics, but I just didnt realise how many use palm oil in their products. So, whilst I will not throw away the cosmetics I have at the moment, as every time I use them I think about the palm oil and the destruction which is a good lesson for me to make this campaign happen, I went straight out to the Body Shop on Saturday, and filled up on their products. They do not test on animals and use only sustainable palm oil from Columbia, which is not involving damage to the environment, animals or bad conditions for the workers – it is completely controlled.  – this news report shows what is going on in the supermarkets and what we are buying to further harm the orangutans (2006) and Joanna Lumley’s response:  

BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival foundation) have information on palm oil and supermarkets here: – you can find details, photos and how to help this charity HERE

Read SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society) information on palm oil: and outline their campaign here: – see for info on what to buy with good palm oil…..

You can help for free – see HERE

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