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My Supporters for Orangutans

I am being inundated with support and information on the Orangutan Campaign, so thank you everyone for that, and will just need a little time to organise this page so that you can see the amount of support out there – you can also see or submit comments to each post that you read- please support us, join our mailing list and leave us some comments – every little helps for these poor creatures……

In the meantime, you can see a supportive reply from my local MP (Dr Bob Spink MP) by clicking HERE

Some comments through the email and website:

• Just found this site. Both myself and 14 yr old daughter feel passionately about what is happening to the Orangutans and other wildlife due to the use of Palm Oil. We spend so long going through the product ingredients when shopping and find it all so confusing so I have decided to seek further information on the subject. I was shocked at Unilever!!

What a fantastic job you are doing and anything we can do to support your cause , please let us know. I also have a brother with personality discorder and it has been a very difficult journey for him and the family. So finding a double cause here has been a revelation! Best wishes, Tracey

• Thank you for writing this article about Louis and our Palm Oil free Chokolit products. Louis and Chokolit are always working to raise awareness of this issue and are in great support of you and your efforts to do the same. Best Wishes and Regards –

• Hi, we also were in Borneo a few months ago and feel very strongly about what’s happening there. Im also struggling to find palm oil free products, especially for the body (shampoo, soaps etc). Check out Lush’s Jungle soap, in stores this week – profits go to Greenpeace… Fede

• Where can the list of Cadbury products which contain palm oil be found? It is time for some serious boycotting of items which contain this oil, by restaurants, shops, househohlds etc.The plight of the orangutans and many other creatures is well known, but what is not well known is WHO are the companies mainly responsible. The rainforest trees fetch high prices, and the devastated areas are then planted with palm oil trees, which gives companies like Cadbury a double cash injection! Not to mention cheap labour. From Helen

• Thank you so much Sandra for highlighting the World Land Trust work to help save orang-utans! The World Land Trust’s Orang-utan Appeal helps protect forests for orang-utans in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Land here is very expensive and going up due to the demand for land to grow oil palms. The Orang-utan Appeal is therefore both vitally important and urgent. If you care about orang-utans, please consider supporting the appeal by making a donation on our JustGiving fundraising page:  from Helena at the World Land Trust

• Hi Sandra,  Thanks for your email and the update on your website. The section you have posted about us looks good and it is great that you have the photos of our adoptive babies up there too.    With very best wishes for your campaign. Let us know how it goes.  Kind regards,  Nick ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTOrangutan Appeal UK

• I too have been writing/emailing corporations trying to raise awareness about the plight of the Orangutans.

If you would like…..send me the links of where you have written, and I will send my letter to them also. I believe that if more of us contact these companies, and start to “rattle their chains” then maybe they will take notice. We also need to band together and start bombarding companies that manufacture the products and retail outlets that carry/sell the products. ALSO, we need to appeal to large companies/corporations for sponsorship and support.                             Thank you, Dale (Canada) (who keeps me informed with his and other’s campaigns)

• Hi – thanks for publicising this! I’ve also just heard about Cadburys NZ and their decision to introduce palm oil to their chocolate, from a friend who is urging us to boycott Cadbury’s products as a result. Right now the RSPO is just being used as an excuse for corporations to continue using palm oil, and though it may in the future have a part to play, the certification is so far just too slow and not yet valid. Like you I’ve had the privilege of going to Borneo and witnessing orangutans in their natural habitat. I’d hate to think that you and I were part of the last generation to ever get the chance to do that. From Neil (whom also has a blog and continues to keep in contact with me about our campaigns)

• We are looking into this as we sometimes use Cadbury’s NZ for our school Fundraisers. we had an email back from them. Here it is. Can you give me anymore Info on whether Cadbury NZ is different from Cadburys UK?  The letter: Cadbury Australia and New Zealand can confirm that it has ensured that all the palm oil purchased for its Cadbury Dairy Milk range is certified as sustainably sourced. Cadbury is a founding member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil(RSPO), and has been working since the RSPO’s creation to develop sustainable sources of Palm Oil. The RSPO is a not-for-profit association that includes representatives from both the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)and Oxfam International on its Board. As a business we only use palm oil purchased from other audited and approved members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil. We have included the further information below to explain how we have come to the decision to replace a small portion of the cocoa butter with a small amount of vegetable fat. We trust this will reassure you and allow you to enjoy our product with confidence. Kind regards  CADBURY LIMITED sent in by Justine (NZ)

• Great letter. Can I use them in my campaign? Sue (UK) (Sue continues to keep in touch and tell me about her campaign)

  • Thank you for adding my site link to your website. Hopefully with more people looking at campaigns like ours, and the charities there will be a chance to save these beautiful creatures from extinction. Spread the word, save a life. Emma (UK)

• Hi, Great section here on BOS. Don’t know if anyone saw it last night but the debate and Linnean society was excellent. Good to hear lots of honest opinion and a reminder that we all can playing our part. The last question was about what you can do apart from or preferably as well as giving money. They all reiterated the need to exercise our democratic and economic power and have our say either with our words or our shopping. So writing to your MP, the Stern report reminded us that protecting the rainforest now is going to significantly cheaper than picking up the pieces later. We have already bequeathed the next generation a huge bill for sorting out the banking crisis we don’t want to give them another even bigger, possibly un-payable bill. Also checking all your wood products are FSC accredited and that palm oil is sustainably sourced (tricky to do but worth trying). BOS (Borneo Orangutan Association)

• Thank you for sharing your experiences and your appreciation of that most amazing of primates, the orangutan. We can only hope that more people will follow your lead, take responsibility for the world we live in and help organisations such as the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation bring the species back from the brink of extinction.   For the Orangutans,  Grainne BOS UK

• Sandra, I have visited your blog! Congratulations. It is really great! from Valerie (Malaysia)

• Just wanted to thank you for the information on your site re orangutans – I empathise with everything you say and am absolutely disgusted with myself for all the products I have in my home with palm oil in that I have bought in total ignorance through not knowing how it has been disguised as vegetable oil. I feel so strongly about this and intend to spread the word, ban anything with palm oil in from now on and support BOS in as many ways as I can. As you say, it’s pointless throwing the existing products away as the orangs have already suffered their plight for the palm oil but I will not replace anything with it in from now on and plan a trip to the Body Shop. I buy everything soya based (as I cannot have milk) from Alpro Soya as they use only sustainable soya sources (another rainforest threat). I am joining everything I can regarding this as there is strength in numbers and we have to be heard as the oranges are running out of time and supermarkets will only act is they are hit where it hurts – their profits!!!! I’m so pleased to see others out there feel as passionate as I do because I see so many who don’t give a damn and it infuriates me! I’m a teacher and absolutely cringe at the paper wasted – another reason they are losing their habitat. Additionally, I see students at every break eating all the chocolate products with unsustainable sources in! It makes me so angry!! I will have a good read of the articles on your site. Thanks again. …….. Andrea (UK)

• Just found your reply to my post and checked out your web site. I like it very much. Rika (UK)

• Came across your site whilst looking up info on Katharine Parnell.  Good concept and a site with attitude !! – from James (Australia)