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Borneo Orangutans

Bornean Orangutan copyright Sandra M Dean

Bornean Orangutan copyright Sandra M Dean

Here you will find facts, stories and fundraising ideas for the great Ape of Borneo – the cute, innocent, and endangered Orangutan! There are happy stories of rescue, love and care for these wonderful creatures, but beware of the very sad stories you may read on this site, regarding the pet trade, the killer palm plantation works and much more…. Please help these fabulous apes before it is too late!

Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus).

The World Conservation Union put the Bornean Orangutan species on the IUCN Red List with ‘endangered’ status.


Difference between Bornean and Sumatran orangutans

Bornean orangutans are larger in size than the Sumatran, and their hair is browner in colour.  It also spends more time on the ground than its cousin, but it does not have the ground predators to worry about, like the Sumatran Tiger, so this is probably why.  Males show a difference, in that their cheek pads are fuller and wider.

Its diet consists of fruit as well as shoots, bark, mineral rich soil, and bird eggs.  It does eat insects, but not as much as the Sumatran orangutan.

They tend also to be far more solitary, with females meeting with males usually only to mate. 

There are also many more Bornean orangutans – approximately 45,000 in the wild, compared to around 7,300 Sumatran.

If you do something to help or have any questions, or any information on these wonderful creatures, please either use the comments form from our post page HERE or email us at: – let us know what you think!