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Orang Utan Appeal

Orangutan appeal copyright Sandra M Dean

Orangutan appeal copyright Sandra M Dean

Facts and fundraising appeals for the great Orang Utan of South East Asia…


In September 2008 I visited Borneo, to see what is going on with the Orang Utan’s survival in South East Asia and I want to share my trip, knowledge and research with you, in the hope that we can help in the quest to stop them becoming extinct and to stop the cruelty!  These great Apes need all the help they can get, as they battle with the loss of the rainforest – their homes!

Palm oil plantations, feeding the lucrative palm oil industry and The pet trade, where the mother’s are killed for their babies are the main problems for these helpless creatures – Please help, by letting me know your support at: or visiting the Oranguatan foundation sites.

PLEASE help my campaign today – click HERE for details on how to help for free!

My motto is: ‘Every letter helps – every penny helps – help today as tomorrow may be too late!’

This will be the start of many  appeal activities to come in the future of this site – We hope to set up sponsored run’s in the future and any ideas from you would be most welcome – can you help

I have lots of info on these wonderful creatures on the pages below and the post on the left of this site:

Borneo Orangutans– about the orangutans of Borneo
Sumatra Orangutans – about the orangutans of Sumatra
Orangutans in the rest of the world – where to see them and where the care centres are in the rest of the World  – Zoos, care centres and more

buried alive after chopping his hand off photo from BOS

buried alive after chopping his hand off photo from BOS

Palm oil – the dangers

 – All about the problems with unsustainable palm oil being grown and cropped in Borneo and Sumatra and the harm it is causing the orangutans, people and environment that we live in.  You can see my campaigning regarding palm oil in our products by choosing the palm oil campaign on the left side of this website listing or click HERE – you can help too!

About Orangutans – All about orangutans – general information

Save the Orangutans – Highlighting the dangers surrounding the orangutan, the reason for their decline and what can be done – you can help too!

Orangutan Charities and organisations – who is helping and how they are helping – you can help them too!

My trip to Borneo – My trip to Borneo which highlights the good and bad and all the wonderful places to visit in Sabah, Borneo

Visit orangutan Borneo – Highlights and information of where to see orangutans in Sabah, Borneo

You can help for free, by supporting the campaign for use of sustainable palm oil see HERE
For info on what to buy with good palm oil…..Check your shopping, are you palm oil (foods and household items) and rainforest wood (your furniture) free?