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Hi to all my Orangutan campaign supporters and readers!

I just wanted to update you with progress of my Orangutan appeal, as you may have noticed that I have not been posting to this site recently.  Well, this is because I have been working on my new dedicated website which will soon be full of all my up to date information and research.  Although the main page is live, there has been some delay in getting the whole site done, but this will soon be available and I thought it best to wait to put all the new stuff on.  This is great news, as although this website gets many thousands of visitors viewing and supporting the campaign, it will be even better when the site dedicated only to Orangutans and my palm oil campaign is live!

However, there is a lot more new info than that which I have outlined below!

I am continuously bringing awareness to the Orangutan appeal in many ways – most recently in my Essex Life interview which you can see by CLICKING HERE

Thanks to all those who have signed my petitions, which I will submit to the relevant people later this year.  However, I am a little disappointed in the numbers – PLEASE tell your friends and family and ask them to sign them as we need more numbers :-) To read about them, please CLICK HERE

Whilst visiting relatives in Australia, I have noticed the ingredients lists for many products also say ‘vegetable oil’ in many whilst sunflower oil, canola oil and other oils are listed seperately.  This will most likely mean that, as with the UK, the products listing ‘vegetable oil’ do in fact contain vegetable oil.  I am currently working on a small project to find out if this is true.  But lets face it, if it is sunflower oil or other oils, apart from Palm oil, they usually list it seperately!  I dont know about you, but I am getting sick of having to avoid all products containing vegetable oil, as they have palm oil in them, and the manufacturers cover this up!  As consumers, we have the right to know what we are consuming – palm oil is almost always unsustainable and not good for our health.  If you have not seen my Orangutan/palm oil campaign to date, please take a look around the site, as there is tonnes of information on how to help…. (If you have any information you would like to submit to me, just email me at – whether about Australia, the UK or any other Country)

I have also been sent some news and information on the state of the Orangutans and enclosure in Kansas Zoo.  As soon as I have investigated, I will update on this website too… (if you have any information on this Zoo or Orangutans in any other Zoos around the World, then I would love to hear from you – email me at )

All for now, but I will be back soon with my updates on products with or without palm oil, my Australian research and of course news of the launch of the new Orangutan website.

Take care,

Sandra M Dean :-)

ps keep campaigning as every little helps!  If you get any new info please email me!


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