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Inform Government/MP’s/MEP’s your views about palm oil

Government/MP/MEP contacts

Please take time out to  inform the Government as well as your local MP and MEP of your concerns about palm oil plantations causing the destruction of rainforests and the resulting loss of wildlife.  This is an issue that has been addressed and is being addressed, but it is good for them to see more people caring…  See my letters HERE

The Right Honourable Lord Mandelson
Secretary of State
Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
1 Victoria Street
Tel: 0207 215 5000

Ed Miliband
Secretary of State for Energy & Climate change
Department for Energy & Climate change
328 Whitehall Place
Tel: 0207 270 3000

For contact details of your local MP, please visit:  

For details of your MEP please visit:  

If you do manage to get some responses, please tell me about them, or any other actions you are taking yourself – even just spreading the word to people you know – I would love to post my readers help on this site to help encourage others to follow suit – email me at

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