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Friends of the Earth (FOE)

FOE logo

FOE logo

Friends of the Earth  campaign for better environments for everyone – one of their campaigns is regarding biofuels created with palm oil – you can see two of their campaign outlines here:
2. They say:

There is a link to our report The oil for ape scandal. How palm oil is threatening the orang-utan. You can find it here: . We also have a briefing, titled Palm oil, the survival of the orang-utan and UK company law reform, here: . There is a time line of our palm oil campaign successes here:  and there are more resources here: .

We have now broadened our campaigns to include work on resisting palm oil plantations, illegal logging, biofuels, saving rainforests and maintaining biodiversity. You can find out more here: . You can advise people to write to the Government about illegal logging here: .


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