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Boycott Palm oil until we have answers!

Boycott Palm oil until we have answers!

I have now, had nearly all the replies in from the Manufacturer’s and Supermarkets of the UK who are known to use palm oil in their products and are in the top 100 for sales. I have to say, the news is not very positive and most of […]

The Prince’s Rainforest Project, Duchy and Palm oil

The Prince’s Rainforest Project, Duchy and Palm oil

If any of you saw Jonathan Ross last night, then you would have seen the speech made by Vivienne Westwood about the rainforests. She promoted the website and campaign of Prince Charles – The Princes Rainforest Project. She urged us to go onto his website and sign […]

What to buy without palm oil – cosmetic/food/household

What to buy – products NOT using palm oil or using sustainable oil


Waitrose and the Co-operative (co-op) now have palm oil listed in the ingredients of their own brand products, which will give you the opportunity to choose products without palm oil if you wish. Sainsburys are in the process of re-listing the […]

Friends of the Earth (FOE)

FOE logo

Friends of the Earth campaign for better environments for everyone – one of their campaigns is regarding biofuels created with palm oil – you can see two of their campaign outlines here:


Palm oil vs Orangutans – Have your say, what to do & how to help

What to do and how to help

Helping with the unsustainable palm oil plantation problems is easy – write to people. The more of us that show our feelings and desires to make a change, the more impact it will have…..

• Write to the Government, your MP or MEP – see details HERE • […]