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Waitrose orang-utan support promise, WWF say they kept it!

How pleased I was to see the article in the Waitrose weekend paper dated 24th November 2011. I picked it up because it has a large photo of a mother and baby Orangutan on the front cover. ‘How we kept our promise’ it says as the headline. Back in April 2010, Waitrose had pledged to […]

Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

The reply from Clarins was dismal – it took nearly 4 months and a lot of pestering to get any reply at all, and when I did it was insufficient. I had already promised to use body shop products and use up the Clarins that I was […]

Reply from the Department of Energy & Climate Change re: Palm oil & Orangutans

reply from dept of energy & climate change

At the end of June 2009, I finally recieved this 3 page letter from the Department of Energy & Climate Change with regard to their commitments and efforts to save the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra and the unsustainable palm oil plantation situation.

Their […]

Reply from Morrisons Re: Palm oil

Morrisons reply re palm oil June 09

This is the reply letter I received from the Customer Service Department of Morrisons regarding the palm oil used in many of their supermarket products…

I am really disappointed that yet another Supermarket is hiding under the fact that they are a member of […]