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‘Jeremy and Amy’ book saddened me – let’s continue to help the Orangutan despite what he says!

I am realistic enough to know that the devastating rate palm oil companies pull down pristine rainforest in Borneo andSumatrais so fast and furious that there is little hope of stopping it in time to save the wildlife and Orangutan living in said forests. Yes, their habitat is being taken from under them every single […]

Waitrose orang-utan support promise, WWF say they kept it!

How pleased I was to see the article in the Waitrose weekend paper dated 24th November 2011. I picked it up because it has a large photo of a mother and baby Orangutan on the front cover. ‘How we kept our promise’ it says as the headline. Back in April 2010, Waitrose had pledged to […]

Join my Campaign to Save the Orangutan

Hi to all my Orangutan campaign supporters and readers!

I just wanted to update you with progress of my Orangutan appeal, as you may have noticed that I have not been posting to this site recently. Well, this is because I have been working on my new dedicated website which will soon be full […]

Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

Reply from Clarins on their palm oil useage

The reply from Clarins was dismal – it took nearly 4 months and a lot of pestering to get any reply at all, and when I did it was insufficient. I had already promised to use body shop products and use up the Clarins that I was […]

My UK campaign to stop Cadbury using Palm oil – let’s follow Australia/New Zealand!

palm oil kernel

My UK campaign to stop Cadbury using Palm oil – lets follow Australia/New Zealand!

Australian and New Zealand people power has overcome Cadbury, who have decided to stop using palm oil in many products, due to the petitioning and campaigning of the Australians. This is wonderful news, but just […]