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‘Jeremy and Amy’ book saddened me – let’s continue to help the Orangutan despite what he says!

I am realistic enough to know that the devastating rate palm oil companies pull down pristine rainforest in Borneo andSumatrais so fast and furious that there is little hope of stopping it in time to save the wildlife and Orangutan living in said forests. Yes, their habitat is being taken from under them every single […]

Dudley zoo improves its Orangutan enclosure 2011

Dudley zoo new orangutan enclosure 2011

After my visit to Dudley Zoo in 2009 and my follow up with the Zoo to find out why the Orangutan enclosure was so poor, I am pleased to say that the Zoo has now had funding and is making some great changes. I received this information […]

My Orangutan Campaign update – UK, Australia, Kansas & new website!

Orangutan campaign Sandra Dean update UK

Hi to all my Orangutan campaign supporters and readers!

I just wanted to update you with progress of my Orangutan appeal, as you may have noticed that I have not been posting to this site recently. Well, this is because I have been working on my new […]

Sydney (Taronga Zoo), New South Wales, Australia

I visited this Zoo back in 1993, so it was a long time ago now, but my brother went this year (2009) and enjoyed it. When I was there, I was in awe of the two baby Orangutans they had then and spent much of my day admiring them, as they were in perfect view.


Fuengirola Zoo, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Southern Spain

fuengirola family orangutans

I have visited this Zoo twice and it is my favourite in all that I have been to. It is beautifully set out, the animals are healthy and look happy enough. The orangutans consist of a male, female and baby (born in 2006) and they all live together in a […]