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Join my Save the Orangutan Campaign

Join my Save the Orangutan Campaign


Orangutan Caring and Awareness Week – 11-17 November 2012

Sandra Dean and baby Orangutan share a moment

Orangutan Caring and Awareness Week – 11-17 November 2012

I hope that you have all been doing some great things for Orangutan week this year. I would love to know!

Sandra x


‘Jeremy and Amy’ book saddened me – let’s continue to help the Orangutan despite what he says!

I am realistic enough to know that the devastating rate palm oil companies pull down pristine rainforest in Borneo andSumatrais so fast and furious that there is little hope of stopping it in time to save the wildlife and Orangutan living in said forests. Yes, their habitat is being taken from under them every single […]

Waitrose orang-utan support promise, WWF say they kept it!

How pleased I was to see the article in the Waitrose weekend paper dated 24th November 2011. I picked it up because it has a large photo of a mother and baby Orangutan on the front cover. ‘How we kept our promise’ it says as the headline. Back in April 2010, Waitrose had pledged to […]

Dudley zoo improves its Orangutan enclosure 2011

Dudley zoo new orangutan enclosure 2011

After my visit to Dudley Zoo in 2009 and my follow up with the Zoo to find out why the Orangutan enclosure was so poor, I am pleased to say that the Zoo has now had funding and is making some great changes. I received this information […]