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My Orangutan & Palm Oil Campaign

My Orangutan Campaign

The Orangutan is nearly 97% human (DNA) and they are such innocent and gentle primates – please help to save this species!

Firstly, don’t we all love the cute faces of the Orangutan’s we see at the Zoo’s and on TV in programmes such as Orangutan Diary? Well, behind all of that […]

Boycott Palm oil until we have answers!

Boycott Palm oil until we have answers!

I have now, had nearly all the replies in from the Manufacturer’s and Supermarkets of the UK who are known to use palm oil in their products and are in the top 100 for sales. I have to say, the news is not very positive and most of […]

My Orangutan Campaign in the Leigh Times – July 2009

Leigh & Westcliff times Orangutan Campaign Sandra Dean July 2009

My local fortnightly newspaper, The Leigh & Westcliff Times, published my story on 30th June 2009.

Following my last publication locally, I was really pleased, as it highlights the palm oil situation that is harming the rainforests of Borneo & Sumatra and […]

Reply from the Department of Energy & Climate Change re: Palm oil & Orangutans

reply from dept of energy & climate change

At the end of June 2009, I finally recieved this 3 page letter from the Department of Energy & Climate Change with regard to their commitments and efforts to save the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra and the unsustainable palm oil plantation situation.

Their […]

Reply from Morrisons Re: Palm oil

Morrisons reply re palm oil June 09

This is the reply letter I received from the Customer Service Department of Morrisons regarding the palm oil used in many of their supermarket products…

I am really disappointed that yet another Supermarket is hiding under the fact that they are a member of […]