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Hello, my name is Sandra Dean and I have set up this website in aid of a very major issue I want to raise – the ‘plight of the Orangutan’ These beautiful primates are endangered, and really need more help to survive. I came back

Sandra M Dean, Essex

Sandra M Dean, Essex

 from a very informative trip to Borneo to see first hand what is really happening out there and why there are so many orphans. My time there brought me both sadness and overwhelming happiness, so I decided to make my own efforts to ‘save the Orangutan’. Whilst it was wonderful to see wild Orangutan Mother, baby and Adult Male swinging free in the trees in one place, and the fantastic work of the Rehabilitation Centres for Orphans, the sad fact is that they are orphans because their Mother’s have been killed.  They really need your help!  Please read the sections on the site to find out more!  My motto on this subject is/ My motto is: ‘Every letter helps – every penny helps – help today as tomorrow may be too late!’
I was born in the 70’s and come from Benfleet in Essex.  I have travelled the world over the years, and have many passions.  I have a site all about Essex celebrities, restaurant reviews and all sorts of other things and I made a website all about my writing, journalism and photography (aerial and static) both of these sites offer information on my mental health stigma campaign and I have also written about my own experiences of several mental health disorders and coming to terms with them.  I am also writing my memoir on this topic.

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My main business is holiday rentals in Spain and the Canaries ( – so if you fancy booking your next villa or apartment, then please enquire!  Just click on ‘properties’   Or if you would like to read about things to do and places to go in Spain, see my blog here:

I hope you enjoy it!
Best Wishes, Sandra

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